v.a. - maschinenfest 2013. pflicht52

v.a. - maschinenfest 2013. 2cd

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maschinenfest edition 2013 - feat. mostly exclusive and unreleased tracks by tzolk'in, iszoloscope, klangstabil, hypnoskull, synapscape, philipp münch, control, sonic area, mimetic, persons unknown, le moderniste, fausten, the ruins of beverast, sudden infant, config.sys, the klinik, cacophoneuses, mezire, alarmen, greyhound, ruby my dear, s.k.e.t., monolog, silent walls, shorai, mono no aware and ah cama-sotz.


1 schutzlos persons unknown
2 non fiction le moderniste
3 the list fausten
4 malefics-ah cama-sotz remix the ruins of beverast
5 abrupt abjection sudden infant
6 revolution config.sys
7 coatlicue-loss remix tzolk'in
8 -30c and falling iszoloscope
9 desire-live the klinik
10 delictus cacophoneuses
11 trinity mezire
12 movement-come again mix alarmen
13 it can't always be rain greyhound
14 smo ruby my dear
1 firefly me klangstabil
2 bush to the hague-loss remix s.k.e.t.
3 cheburashka must die-noise edit hypnoskull
4 hit and run synapscape
5 recognise his face-live monolog
6 eruption of darkness silent walls
7 katzenbölzer philipp münch
8 interference shorai
9 uprising control
10 the moonlight express sonic area
11 cyanure-rmx mimetic
12 new cat balance mono no aware
13 children of the sun-baghdad goes dub - live version ah cama-sotz