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raubbau. raub-020

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the holes of glory are dark and deep: sudden infant plays with our minds by the means of 45 minutes full of so much more than plain entertainment. sudden infant is art, the compositions complex and multi-dimensional with classical noise parts, dark synth licks or complete sample-based tracks. holes of glory leaves room for your own interpretations and imagination, makes you reach for what lies underneath. willingly or not, you become part of these creations, making this record an absolute personal and individual experience. the unmatched history of sudden infant releases is continued on raubbau: inspired by a fictional serial killer in the s&m scene of new york city, this masterpiece is the musical site of crime, made for you to discover.


1 cabin or locker
2 beat meat
3 steam chamber
4 who's here
5 mantra 16
6 dark sling
7 afraid
8 you made me do that
9 cold heat