the gift of affliction. ta079

the gift of affliction. cd

tympanik audio. ta079

place yourself in a futuristic lounge hidden away in the depth of some distant unnamed city. on the stage, a sultry woman stands behind a control panel of various machines, their indicators and displays splashing colors of light across her face, illuminating a gentle sadness in her eyes as she controls and manipulates her sounds. her name is zinovia. she is from athens. her work is titled ‘the gift of affliction‘ and it seems to have the entire audience entranced. no doubt, there is a deeply personal connection here. zinovia’s compositions stand poignant and intellectual, fusing stylistic classical elements with deep, moving ambient sounds and subtle, uplifting beatwork. smooth, intelligible, and truly elegant songs that allow the audience to drift away in a wash of tranquil tones that ebb and flow with a rare maturity and grace. packaging: 4-panel digipak


1 the blue shade of dawn covered your skin
2 communicating vessels
3 chimera
4 entangled
5 emerge to breathe
6 attached our eyes wide open
7 sucking the smoke from your lips
8 beneath a stellar sky
9 a time to make amends