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transgression' represents control's second appearance on ant-zen after the highly regarded 'the resistance' release in 2012. on this album thomas garrison remains loyal to his significant, unique approach of power electronics and death industrial, ready and willing to penetrate the open listener's mind and body. the eight album tracks convey drastic, mesmeric atmospheres carried by the perfect balance between harsh sonic outbursts and accentuated subbass pulses. sharp noise layers are accompanied by seething dark ambiance, subliminal rhythms and the distinctive, arcane vocals control is well-known for. while listening to 'transgression' you will find yourself captured inside an inescapable web of varied moods and feelings which can only be intensified by the experience of a control live performance. do not miss!


1 anoxia
2 society's decline
3 cruel intent
4 constructive destruction
5 arise lies
6 transgression
7 mechanical suffocation
8 the new death