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raubbau. raub-019

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thorofon are back and fill our ears, hearts and minds with 60 minutes of pleasure and pain - whatever you prefer. we face a compilation that now spearheads 16 years of discography, being as manifold as thorofon are themselves. stomping beats accompanied by high pitched noises or creeping drones, all joint by vocals that range from distorted to pure, undiluted aggression. we are taken back to basements and relive through concert experiences from the last decade, we even glimpse behind the scenes and are offered recordings from soundcheck and previously unreleased demo material. a lot happened during these years and so one might regard this collection as a picture album of the thorofon family. vintage has never been more versatile: fragments, snapshots, collaborations and all the spooky stuff that artists usually keep locked away from their followers - thorofon open it up for us.


1 fucked up
2 riot rude dictator
3 godhell
4 flick knife boys / enemy on the wire
5 controlled chaos
6 hollow sky
7 i saw
8 soft target / sharks!
9 zest n' funky
10 maximum punishment solutions
11 under control