obsession diabolique. hands-d190

ah cama-sotz
obsession diabolique. cd

hands. hands-d190

covering the orient, the middle-east, western culture, the unknown and the unspoken' – the perfect subtitle for ah cama-sotz’ 2013 album, which covers all of these aspects, summarizing and enhancing all which has made this project a prime act in the post industrial scene in the past two decades.


1 rapture of the skin
2 interludium I - monde imaginaire
3 roots of eternity
4 interludium II - les terres sauvages
5 children of the sun
6 interludium III - la malédiction de l'ombre
7 it is the fear of the people/in the name of god
8 interludium IV - un jardin sur le nil
9 bring the noizz
10 interludium V - submergé par des flots d'images fantasmagoriques
11 wir wollen tanzen (freaks come out at night)
12 rayah-kum
13 interludium VI - le peuple de l'éternel
14 rain
15 bring the noizz (remix by hysteresis)
16 postludium - tristesses de la lune