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it is not often that an album comes along that both initiates and defines a genre. when it was first released in 1990, 'heresy' caused an instant sensation, and it gave birth to - and defined - the dark ambient genre. the album has been hailed by critics and fans as one of the most important works of its time. 'heresy' is the culmination of work carried out from 1987 to 1989 and utilizes subterranean location recordings originated within crypts, caverns, mines, deep shelters and catacombs together with material of seismic and volcanic origin. it also takes advantage of psycho-acoustic phenomena and the physical effects of low frequency information. this was the first lustmord album to feature extensive sampling and computer assisted sound design. 'heresy' is widely renowned as a classic dark ambient album, a masterpiece of fusing together music and human emotions. the incessant droning of sounds whose origin remain a mystery plays mind games with the listener, and to spin this album before falling asleep is surely asking to do exactly the opposite, because without a doubt you will be left wide-eyed, staring at the ceiling as this one hour trek through the darkness plays out before your mind's eye.


1 heresy part I
2 heresy part II
3 heresy part III
4 heresy part IV
5 heresy part V
6 heresy part VI