lights. ta070

lights. cd

tympanik audio. ta070

hailing from the ukraine, this fresh young talent utilizes a clean, airy approach to dark bedroom idm. combining futuristic beats with brooding synthlines, stark melodies, and entrancing atmospheres, tineidae’s sound mixture flows and ebbs with an alluring grace, conjuring images of celestial travel to alien worlds, as glitch-laden beats caress and seize with mindful precision. a dreamy excursion into the heart of otherworldly contemplation. recommended for fans of subheim, dnn, access to arasaka. artwork by shift. packaging. 4-panel digipak.


1 torchlights
2 azure
3 rigel
4 kasatka
5 absence
6 monolight
7 aquila
8 sky of glass
9 observatory
10 paper birds
11 hollow lullaby