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druc drac a.k.a. françois dumeaux is a french composer who studied acousmatic music composition between 2002 and 2006 in the bordeaux music academy in christian eloy's and christophe havel's electroacoustic composition class. as a result of his studies he won the sacem price, graduated. and started to teach the class since 2011. as a finalist for the acousmatic composition competition métamorphoses 2008, his piece was released on the métamorphoses 2008 compilation and he was also invited to make a composition for bernard parmegiani's 80th birthday. as a musician he produces idm, psytrance, electrodub, ambient and experimental noise music and has done since 1998. françois dumeaux played live and released records as a solo artist as well as with other artists in a number of musical styles (free improvisation, traditional music, electronica, etc.). he also realises radio art, documentaries, sonography for museums and soundtracks for plays and movies. druc drac's recent release was constructed by f. dumeaux as an uchronia, referring to a hypothetical time period where he was able to put himself in the position as a composer in his childhood, in his adolescence and in the present state at the same time. ancient synthesizer technology, musical influences like psy-trance and electronica from the beginning of the 90s and the acquisition of compositional skills result in a blend of 'retro' styles with current technology, as implied in the album title. from one-minute long analogue synth sketches to epic ambient post-trance underlaid with a steady pulse of percussion, 'retrofuture' transmits a vibe between tightness and placidity - music that doesn't ask for your attention, but demands it.


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