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with 'where we will never go', mimetic presents his latest full length album, which is, apart from a 3-track vinyl lp released in 2011, his first major work since 'one more than nine'. supported by many guests like vorph, singer of the metal band samael, contra-alto singer agnes martin-sollien and scalper, former vocalist of fun da mental, the 15 tracks are focusing on a large scale of electronic music styles, from crystal clear electronica, bass music, experimental with complex rhythms to techno. this album showcases a multitude of tempers where jerome soudan finds the perfect balance between soothing, spectral and impulsive moods, embedded in a breathtaking wide range of dynamics. also featured are three remixes by mira calix (warp records), mika vainio (pan sonic, mute) and niveau zero, where mimetic's original tracks are transformed into unorthodox abstraction, pulsing ultrasonic minimalism and distorted six-string dubstep rage. on this release mimetic will take you to places where you will never go - here is the invitation to follow.


1 synthetize me
2 autre vision
3 scaffolding
4 so little chance
5 sparkling love
6 game in land 2
7 the basis of any conflict
8 where we will never go
9 game in land
10 one of us
11 cyanure
12 sang numérique
13 sparkling love (mira calix rmx)
14 w.w.w.never.go (mika vainio rmx)
15 one of us (niveau zero rmx)