listening comprehension. flyco2k13

listening comprehension. cd

flyco. flyco2k13

so-called listening comprehension exercises are a well established method of language teaching that aims to improve the communicative skills of the student. kybernaughty is a teacher, and music a language. let's understand: the joy of classrooms, staff meetings, exams etc. translated into electronic music. what does school sound like? it starts with electronica, a serene monotony of spheres and beats modeled on seemingly endless meetings, conferences, workshops. there is the perennial shredding of the inevitable highschool rock combo, recreated electronically. dig deeper, and the horrors of peer pressure, looming exams and continuous frustration are vented in random breaks and samples, tributes to the speechless underworld of educational achievement. achieved with select hard- and software, an ode to lifelong learning. q.e.d.


1 erziehungsziel
2 cybermob
3 unterricht
4 lehrerkonferenz
5 gate
6 verweis
7 klassenzimmer
8 schülerband
9 sommerferien
10 stegreifaufgabe
11 jugendkultur