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created in 1997, sonic area (aka arco trauma) is a french electronic monocephalic project, influenced by dither, scorn, 2nd gen, hint, enio moricone and all suicide lullabies which mixes electro hybrid experimental, cinematic orchestral atmospheres, dirty abstract hip-hop, tribal industrial techno-punk, brutal wall of sounds, hard-glitch breaks and lush ambient soundscapes. disturbing, unexpectable and sometimes hard to describe, it's darkly intoxicating. imagine yourself sleeping in a lost factory built over sacred indian burial grounds... 'rarities (2003-2012)' includes 17 re-mastered b-sides, singles, live versions and rare tracks which were previously released on several label compilations. on this release you are about to discover the full spectrum of sonic area's aural self-conception - impulsive, haunting, cinematic and demanding at the same time. let yourself go, and enjoy!


1 the portrait room
2 nevermore
3 candle danger
4 dark ride (bass version)
5 le mur des sons (live @ paris - naf fest 2009)
6 par amour
7 my ghost (live @ praha - 2011)
8 the queen
9 les voix transpercees (live @ oberhausen - mf fest 2010)
10 les jardins suspendus (live @ strasbourg - 2007)
11 requiem for salaryman (live @ altenburg - ea fest 2007)
12 cruelle
13 why should everything be raped
14 u4
15 nous n'avons pas d'autres choix (live @ oberhausen - mf fest 2010)
16 time is unreal
17 the path of resilience