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thorofon was founded in 1995, and soon developed an own easy-to-recognize style of the industrial music genre. their prolific career in the international post-industrial scene began with their first album in 1997, followed by three full length and several ep releases on cd, vinyl and cassette format until the project ended up nine years later. in 2010 thorofon announced to return and performed highly regarded live actions in germany, austria and switzerland. 'final movement' was released in vinyl format on the band's own label umb kollektif in 2002. a very limited version of the album came with the 10'' 'bloodheat' which is also present on this re-issue. and in addition, a previously unreleased track is also included, so the playing time is extended to nearly 80 minutes. although their sound is very unique, their roots lie in classic 80's industrial - 'final movement' starts where spk stopped in the mid eighties. the 'bloodheat' tracks sound more similar to cabaret voltaire or portion control. a milestone in thorofon's back catalogue.


1 underground rising
2 bloody way to total ecstasy
3 anti savak
4 new heroes
5 inkorporation
6 blue box syndrome
7 riotdictator
8 digital human kontrol
9 extinguished bodies
10 sexaspastik
11 hi sprayers!
12 ultralove
13 cold fever
14 below 370 nm
15 bloodheat