v.a. - the revenge of the mighty ant. dig028

v.a. - the revenge of the mighty ant. mp3 album

ant-zen. dig028

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the ant-zen showcase 'the revenge of the mighty ant' took place at bollwerk 107 in moers, germany on february 4th 2012 and featured a truly fine selection of artists domiciled at our label. this compilation presents 15 tracks recorded live at this event, ranging from zero degree's space age idm and complex rhythmic industrial structures by frl. linientreu to the merciless e-rock'n'roll of roger rotor, 100blumen's punk/noise hybrid and the driving rhythmic noise force performed by asche.


1 quasar zero degree
2 stardust zero degree
3 there is no sun in our dreams zero degree
4 echtzeit frl. linientreu
5 von schrecken und schönheit des verhörens frl. linientreu
6 bubble frl. linientreu
7 doom with a view roger rotor
8 beyond beyond roger rotor
9 bomb the bomb roger rotor
10 flagburner 100blumen
11 the hunt 100blumen
12 world of grief 100blumen
13 something evil asche
14 home crisis asche
15 knee chopper asche