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v.a. - maschinenfest 2012. 2cd

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maschinenfest edition 14 – never change a wining team, never change a concept that works perfectly: three days of electronic, industrial and experimental music, set in an atmosphere of friendship creating the vibe of an especially happy family gathering. the musical legacy is, as always, preserved on two cds, filled with one exclusive track by each of the 27 acts appearing on stage. this edition features a remarkable number of first-timers: hydrone (atmospheric drones), dirty k (gritty rhythm noise), sabes (dancefloor rhythm industrial), oyarrss (latvian halfstep), syntech (tribal beats), objekt urian (angst pop), flint glass (dark organic atmospheres), 2 kilos and more (dystopian ambient electronica) and underhill (broken dubstep). also this edition has no less than two legends in their respective genres of power electronics and ebm, uk pain master con-dom and german electro hit machine haujobb (with a breezy remix by dryft here). and of course there are plenty of repeat offenders as well: hysteresis, nin kuji, sonar, pow[d]er pussy, winterkälte, geistform and roger rotor will pretty much cater for your needs of rhythmic entertainment in various degrees of harshness and tempo, the more adventurous minds will also cherish the [law-rah] collective, hecq, axiome, and swanika (with a calm-before-all-hell-breaks-loose track), never forget the unique electro punk of 100blumen, the darkly inclined will feast on in slaughter natives and militia, and the breakcore heads will find pleasure in enduser and xanopticon. continue your collection of this ever growing encyclopaedia with this entry, bound in green cardboard with fancy copper print. and remember, there will be a maschinenfest 2013, and it will again be: simply essential.


1 hydrocodone hydrone
2 orphaned mind dirty k
3 slave files-short edit sabes
4 mayday=our day hysteresis
5 gathering nin kuji
6 blickfeld the [law-rah] collective
7 psyche hecq
8 7am fog-remix by scheme boy enduser
9 retortion sonar
10 ode to discouragement-feat. black heart rebellion oyaarss
11 10.06.1964 swanika
12 knochenarbeit syntech
13 agitation live objekt/urian
14 deep phylogeny flint glass
1 killamachine pow[d]er pussy
2 stabbed in the back militia
3 your system failed 100blumen
4 fracking siberia winterkälte
5 only hazard 2kilos &more
6 hierodule xanopticon
7 rivers of hades-lake of fire remix by gore tech underhill
8 control-a modicum of con-dom
9 particle accelerator geistform
10 la solitude du grêlon face à la chute-docteur moreau remix axiome
11 oldie in slaughter natives
12 crossfire-dryft remix haujobb
13 the lust is ours roger rotor