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t.kniep and p.m√ľnch have finally finished their first full length album since 2001 and compared to other ant-zen releases this is not simply an 'act' - it is an act! on this cd, synapscape's astonishing rhythm skills are perfectly displayed. keeping the beat straight but always changing the patterns throughout a track. when a track starts you might think you know how it will proceed, but while listening you will end up being surprised. there is a permanent change - without any real interference. the album could also be described as an 'attack on expectations' - sequencers and electronic percussion replace the expected bass drum; in a heavily distorted 4/4 track a techno-like 5th-chord is embedded; crystal clear drum strokes replace distorted beats; - those 'attacks' are the sparks of the burning flow. the variety of sound is evident in the ambient tracks like 'kollberg' and 'sellout', the hard 4/4-beat-ers like 'the hoe' and 'katunga' (which lean heavily toward the distorted dance floor) and the live-killer-tracks ('wings' and 'alice') which may be well-known to synapscape addicts. but act!'s general mood is what makes this cd a real album and not just a compilation of new tracks. this album is nothing less than an improvement and a logical progression of synapscape's conceptual work. the act! is done.


1 eingang
2 the hoe
3 freedom kiss
4 reaktonoize
5 sonique
6 wings
7 katunga
8 kollberg
9 soundcheck
10 so einfach ist tennis
11 rejah
12 alice
13 sellout
14 masks