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roger rotor
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ant-zen. act284

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with his new full length release 'sightseeing bizarre' swiss-born roger rotor continues to bridge the gap between pounding industrial and infectious electro with a punkified rock'n'roll attitude. tracks like 'bomb the bomb', 'maniac monger' and 'flabbergast' present a highly concentrated block of compact melodies and harsh atonal synth layers, kept brief and to-the-point with rotor's very own killer club grooves. a continuous flow of heavily rhythmic dance tunes between highly amplified minimal techno and raging rhythmic noise, enhanced by the slow, dark minimal industrial anthem 'antidote' and the powerful organ-based cover version of goblin's 'l’alba dei morti viventi'. once again roger rotor has delivered a long-awaited electrock'n'roll mass soundtrack for true believers. easily accessible but still deep and complex, this record will get both industrial and techno addicts downright nasty on their asses. take the tour!


1 nekulturny {bonzenmarsch}
2 bomb the bomb
3 antidote
4 maniac monger
5 l’alba dei morti viventi
6 tanzimat
7 astore coddaventu
8 flabbergast