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after completing his last album 'artefact' thomas pujols felt the need to change nebulo's aural focus towards immediacy and beat-underlaid directness. in the summer of 2011 he recorded one draft track every day to substantiate his ideas and inspirations, and he used these drafts as resources for this release. to prevent the feeling of electronic coldness and to achieve an more organic texture unusual production devices like a 4-track recorder were used. each drum sample was chosen with extraordinary diligence, e.g. the clap sounds were entirely self-recorded on various locations. 'cardiac' is a diligently produced aural state of mind lying in the realm of experimental electronica - a delicate balance between fragility and gravity, ambience and rhythms. the ten tracks are built around abstract melodies, complex textures and warm synth tones, driven by expertly crafted and varied beat patterns, layered with sweeping modulated waves, glitches and noises.


1 octo
2 asht
3 redkosh
4 quenz
5 mu
6 baïkal
7 fragm
8 arcadic
9 smax
10 icon