six steps / d-coherence. mtr010

six steps / d-coherence. 12"

mindtrick records. mtr010

mindtrick records proudly presents the first vinyl release by semiomime (aka dj hidden/the outside agency). after his debut album which was released by adnoiseam last year, semiomime returns with two very special tracks. the first track is six steps a mixture of cinematic sounds, signature beats and a swirling bassline which gets you right into his mood. the flipside is for d-coherence a piano piece that changes into a deep banging acid trip. very uncommon and therefore very interesting to listen to. with crystal clear production and ever evolving moods he pushes the self established boundaries once again. on this ep semiomime found the perfect balance between creating an ep that is banging on the dance floor, yet very intriguing to be listened to in the comfort of your own home with your eyes closed. this release offers everything mindtrick records stands for ambiance, beats, and clear production!


1 six steps
2 d-coherence