mondo obscura (the mutant twin). dig026

philipp münch
mondo obscura (the mutant twin). mp3 album

ant-zen. dig026

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this digital release features the more subliminal, less aggressive side of this exceptional artist, generating intense atmospheres between relaxation and discomfort. a complex application of artificial beats lays the foundation for a wide spectrum of moody electronic explorations, repetitive structures and minimalistic sequences, and the usage of mostly manipulated voice samples manges to drive home the specific feel on most tracks. dark ambient soundscapes will take turns with straightforward electro and aggressive classic industrial - a perfect combination to trigger a soundtrack for the mind's eye. besides nine tracks by p.münch the mutant twin is supplemented with three remixes: bipol accentuates the paranoid side of espionage, turning the calmer original into a sable, nightmarish pendant. choices undone which can be found on the mondo obscura album is converted into a different, more pounding and less pop oriented version by vocalist eva j. and contaminant. alexander marco a.k.a. saturmzlide sets the perfect last point with a thoughtful and melancholic doom version of 'into the absurd' featuring majestic strings and piano. a very strong, personal and complete release that deserves close attention, highly recommended to those who are eager to look beyond the limits of musical styles.


1 terribly wrong
2 espionage (original)
3 anti trust
4 petrol tears
5 shadow
6 social revolution
7 mountain
8 crash report
9 defective sedative
10 espionage (bipol remix)
11 choices undone (blue livid lament mix by contaminant vs. eva j.)
12 into the absurd (alexander marco remix)