ten hymns for sorbetière or how i learned.... act279

ten hymns for sorbetière or how i learned.... cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act279

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seven years have passed since we saw the last signs of life from this headstrong project - with 'ten hymns for sorbetière...' axiome return triumphantly and unmistakably. c-drík fermont and olivier moreau (imminent) present an aural landslide of amazingly dense sounds, heavy beats and menacing, freezing atmospheres, choosing coldness and ice as a central theme for the album. splicing genres like idm, acid, rhythm&noise, dark, brooding electro infusions and techstep to an insane hybrid, these 'hymns' mark a perfect syncrisis of simplicity and complexity. accelerated technoid rhythms are perfectly interfused with powerful percussion laced with hard, deftly sequenced melodic structures and combined with a retreat to insistent, repetitive analogue bubblebath-esque electronic textures. a mélange of force and beauty that is rarely matched by anyone else. axiome have always been uncompromising, surprising and incalculable throughout their existence - this album is no exception. ten unique, intelligent and atmospheric soundtracks to the sentiments of a biting winter, but suitable for all seasons. so stop worrying and love the freezer!


1 obscurément blanc
2 brise-glace
3 gèle ou crève!
4 la solitude du grêlon face à la chute
5 cryotrope
6 mango turbo
7 la seconde morsure d'amundsen
8 vriespunt
9 neige d'azuki
10 lawine