hollow. ta064

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hollow. cd

tympanik audio. ta064

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cd release of this spanish duo's debut album 'hollow'. warm and memorable electronica that manages to charm the listener with its simplicity. embracing melodies, catchy beats, and a glowing depth make this album a must-have for fans of classy bedroom idm. digipak packaging.


1 anonymous
2 neigh
3 mechanical sunset (feat. andrey g)
4 herz aeon
5 gathering of the argonauts
6 science
7 smart
8 helium-3 (jaime irles remix)
9 herz aeon (mothboy remix)
10 smart (roel funcken remix)
11 gathering of the argonauts (lucidstatic remix)
12 helium-3 (2methylbulbe1ol remix)
13 herz aeon (access to arasaka remix)