songs for people who like us. hs008

the last gambit
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halbsicht. hs008

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the second album of the 'mnemonic' offshoot 'the last gambit' leads the listener back into familiar territory of electronica. yet the 12 songs appear on 'songs for people who like us' more flexible and more relaxed than on the debut album 'mafia party, nice you were there.' once again, m. belletz & d. fischer create a finely woven web of scattered melodies pairing with meticulously arranged beats. this album is a sensitive and warm 'auditory perception' that flatters every electronica trained ear. for all friends of light music with no rough edges, this album is a tremendously intense musical enjoyment.


1 if you plan to shoplift let us know
2 worms are better than me
3 hero cop takes plunge
4 leaky window
5 12 disgusting!!! bugs
6 one rusty old water heater
7 amazing mono
8 no whistling in the house
9 do not enter wrong way
10 we're o.k.! you're a homicidal maniac!
11 blofeld
12 der schachspieler