pitch black ep. mtr008

pitch black ep. 12"

mindtrick records. mtr008

the 8th release on mindtrick records will be by the greek producer and sound engineer mobthrow. the 12'' brings a somewhat deeper feeling to the sound of mobthrow which is starting out with pitchblack on the a side. the 2nd track is ''flashback'' and is based in rewind mirror techniques (intro sample remains the same if you rewind it). heavy beats at 140 bpm. it is a story between dreams and reality, as the ''storyteller'' (mullholand drive sample) describes. ''enter dubcore'' sets the tempo a little bit higher, balancing between dubstep/dnb. techy production approach (808,909 & tb303 used), born to spin in underground clubs at rush hour. also on the b side you will find a remix of pitch black which is made by german sound designer and composer hecq which kranks up the sound completely and make you slit your own wrists while listening to it! overall this record is an excellent prove that dark sounding music can be very danceable!!


1 pitch black
2 flashback
3 pitch black (hecq remix)
4 enter dubcore