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after six years and several releases on different labels, matthieu maire decided to cancel all activities that were executed under the celluloid mata moniker. but it wasn’t his intention to end his musical activities - something just had to change. as a member of the ant family he was in contact with philipp münch (synapscape, ars moriendi and a solo artist (rorschach garden)). mata decided to exchange musical ideas with philipp and a new project was formed. a project that would include the creative output of both musicians. hence, cell auto mata was created. maybe you heard the first result on ant zen’s 'daruma' compilation and maybe you wanted to get some more - well, here it is. we proudly present cell auto matas first full length release. the first impression you might have while listening to this cd is that these are songs - not just “tracks”. for instance, 'huevos de oro' or 'ish galil' are based on a 4/4 beat, melodies and even vocals – in other words they are structured like a song. but this isn’t pop; the industrial and technoid influences of both members melt together and deliver music that is beyond a listener’s expectations and previous listening experiences. the cd's mood seems to be quite dark and serious at first, but as the title implies: the devil is in the detail (and behind the surface). you need more time for this record than you might initially think (also you need time to check out all the nice little photos on the cover). those who are familiar with both of the artist’s previous releases might be able to identify the musical roots of this cd. such as the 'synapscape-ish' sequencer treatments in 'gws hearse' or the 'surf-organ' on 'hipsters'. nevertheless, this cd is an original and should not be seen as 'just another collaboration'. it should be heard as the debut album that it actually is.


1 fallen dice
2 aus558
3 esa unit
4 gws hearse
5 huevos de oro
6 ign558
7 ish galil
8 sem kern
9 sauvée
10 hipsters
11 trisol dot grey
12 rip rozz
13 we met under concrete
14 trisol swap