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two years after 'grotesque consumer', r. klimaczewski a.k.a. exocet starts his artistic vision exactly where he left off with 'consequence'. a high quality detailed mesh of harsh sonic strikes, intricate rhythmic patterns, massive synth layers and cinematic samples which reflect his own perspective on idm, ambient and industrial music. exocet's work defines itself by emphasising the juxtaposition between huge atmospherics and a blasting force of noise and beats. as displayed throughout the album where assertive and imaginative ambient pads float along-side hammering rhythmic patterns, inducing an almost trance-like effect. tribal elements sometimes beat their way through the mix and add yet another perspective on the already heady mix of different sonic characteristics, and perfectly positioned samples just manage to emphasise the film score feel and quality of the tracks. both a strongly abrasive and microscopically detailed world of sound, 'consequence' brings out a unique blend of influences that takes its own path, changing direction at will, capturing the listeners interest with an iron grip..


1 work don't stop
2 bad taste
3 terrifying consequences
4 drops of blood
5 break away
6 good night
7 drugs and balance
8 strange influence
9 i can feel it
10 no u turn
11 playground
12 like a viper