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dnn's second album is titled 'when things stop to move'. it is tying in dnns way of music production known from his debut album 'try to feel'. once more his music is characterized by moony sounding melodies combined partly with dynamic and partly with reticent beats. the titles of songs of his debut were playing accomplished with ambiguity and offered freedom of interpretation. not only through the titles of songs the currently released album seems more concrete. the rhythym of each track sound compact and that offers a hautning width for the really well produced soundscapes, textures and melodies. these are accomplished modulated through the use of effects and added layers. with the new album dnn is describing impressively a severe loss without being ambigous. therefore, the new album offers directness which is mirrored within the mood of all tracks. all in all the album is about a heavy theme but it provides an interesting depth. remixes by mike cadoo (bitcrush), steffen schröder (huron) and sebastian ehmke (se).


1 things which stay
2 blue smoke
3 a silent close (feat. laska)
4 i will never forget your smile
5 fading memories
6 the very thought
7 with each step
8 where are you know
9 when things stop to move
10 a silent close (bitcrush remix)
11 the very thought (huron remix)
12 blue smoke (se remix)