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many incidents took place in daniel myer's career since consume adapt create was released: architect was one of the headliners of maschinenfest 2010 in oberhausen/germany besides lingouf, abs6, iszoloscope, niveau zero and many others. he enthused audiences in the u.s. and europe while touring with recoil, and also played in russia on a solo tour. he made a highly regarded remix of behind the wheel by depeche mode and also three remixes for recoil... this year was for sure the busiest one in daniel's life. during the last thirteen years daniel myer’s architect project has become extremely well acknowledged and acclaimed by world wide audiences and artists alike. this collection contains remixes by 12 international projects, well known and yet undetected, adding their interpretations of his previous works. daniel's music was used as a trigger for a multiplicity of styles and sounds, ranging from tuneful electronica (normotone, lowness), breakcore (synnack), straight beats with complex syncopation (misc., hecq, c.db.sn. tricil), up to mighty dubstep / drum'n'bass blasts appended by marvul, ena, mekotam, dryft and the_empath. upload selected remix.2 is waiting - listen up and see for yourself!


1 pure (marvul remix)
2 get the bastards get away (misc remix)
3 ghost of a working man (hecq remix)
4 pure (ena remix)
5 pure (c.db.sn remix)
6 the shadow of eve (normotone remix)
7 stairway (mekotam remix)
8 the shadows of eve (tricil remix)
9 so i went out (synnack remix)
10 stairway (dryft remix)
11 the beauty and the beat (the_empath remix)
12 wachsmuth (lowness remix)