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ant-zen. dig024

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the one man project nin kuji was founded to establish a striking and powerful instrument for emotional transfer via the medium of sound. since 2005 nin kuji has worked with german d.i.y. label le petit machiniste where the ep 'medicine man' was released and then in collaboration with ant-zen, the album 'sayonara'. since then his' musical emphasis has shifted from noise, power electronics and dark electro to rhythm'n'noise and experimental electronica. he considers his project as an act that prefers an approach of expressing an honest interpretation of feelings in place of technical skills. recorded directly onto harddisc without any post-production, these three tracks perfectly show the power of nin kujis energetic live performances. a crossover between technoid ambient-industrial and heavily distorted electro noise with a tribal approach - an ingenious combination of multiple layers, hypnotic patterns and sophisticated beats. this mp3 single is intended as a free gift for all present and prospective fans of this project. do not miss! free download here:


1 tamashii - rehearsal version 2011
2 shàngtian - rehearsal version 2011
3 tribal nights - jamsession 2010