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a year and a half after 'all my best intentions', don hill presents his new work 'powerless' on hymen records. this album became deeply personal because it was written during a difficult time for don and his family. 'powerless' is a musical document of this period, the feelings of powerlessness and continual surrendering to find a strength beyond ones self. this is a story of love, death and resurrection. for the realization of this opus don received creative support on each track. brett smith (caul), brian grover (khadag blue), candle nine, access to arasaka, james church (lucidstatic), steve hall (veil of secrecy), tony young (autoclav1.1), jan carleklev (parca pace / sanctum), and tapage loaned their considerable talents to help tell the story of the vigil don kept as his family and sons struggled to find meaning in the midst of sadness and uncertainty. melancholy and introspection are audible on this album, yet there is no despair, but rather hope. deep idm textures alternate with ambient soundscapes and magnificent synth chords. complex beats highlight the well-placed electronic structures enriched with piano and guitars. once again millipede effortlessly moves between the boundaries of dark ambient and intelligent dance music.


1 gathering clouds (w/ caul)
2 synovial damage (w/ brian grover)
3 darkest night (w/ access to arasaka & candle nine)
4 no place to stand (w/ lucidstatic)
5 while he sleeps (w/ veil of secrecy)
6 powerless (w/ autoclav1.1)
7 surrender (w/ parca pace)
8 above all grace (w/ tapage)