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where’s annie? is the second opus of the belgian duo cruise [ctrl]. along the same line as their first opus (i heard it!, 2008, on divine comedy records), it merges analogical textures, more or less hazardous noises, binary rhythms and hypnotic basslines. it features 9 instrumental compositions (incl. a collaboration with babylone chaos) and three remixes signed by the rorschach garden, no more and oil 10.


1 missoula 46
2 pomona road
3 tears in the snow
4 labyrinth girl (fear. babylone chaos)
5 there is a hole in my donut
6 bunny room
7 henry's head
8 where is alice? alice who?
9 ugly expresso in hollywood
10 where is alice? alice who? (rorschach garden mix)
11 pomona road (no more mix)
12 where is alice? alice who? (oil 10 mix)