expansion 1.3. act143.3

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ant-zen. act143.3

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this set contains unreleased studio and live tracks which were recorded by converter between 1998 and 2002. 'expansion' can be viewed as a link between 'blast furnace' and 'exit ritual'. known ingredients and new ingredients can be found here: the beats, the breaks, the distortion,the noises, the voices, the intensity, the agony, the ecstasy, the speed, the live rage, the death rape, the legend, the space needle, the loop, the groove, the artwar (salt), the mastering (metarc), the cd. safety warning: hard candies can be slippery and can cause choking!


1 in accordance with utopia
2 butcher
3 wires
4 rust
1 recycle
2 torment
3 unreal (live rmx)
4 zombi
5 doom