nature's twin tendencies. ta051

nature's twin tendencies. cd

tympanik audio. ta051

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the long-awaited return of toronto's one and only famine! an aural caldron of styles and genres ranging from melody-laced breakcore and glitchy speed metal to beat-rich electronica and melancholy idm. complex, fierce, and uncompromising, famine's new album is without a doubt a unique and captivating listening experience that will seize all your senses and command your attention from start to finish. not to be missed! 4-panel digipak packaging.


1 mercury (what lies behind the curtain)
2 powerspender
3 sig/int
4 utârid
5 remorseless
6 dread father
7 blashpemous reverence
8 realign (the conjuration of perfect nature)
9 dantalion
10 material things
11 weak
12 nature's twin tendencies
13 everyone is happy