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those who are familiar with ant-zen know that synapscape (aka tim kniep and philipp m√ľnch) needs no introduction. their debut was the very first ant-zen cd (released back in 1995) and we are glad that they have stuck by the label. synapscape's unique usage of heavy polyrhythms, ambient soundscapes, slight dub influences, mysterious vocals and astonishing live appearances has made fans all over the world. 'raw' is the fifth full length synapscape release. it contains a variety of works that they did between 1994 and 2001 - most tracks have ever been released before. you will agree that it was worth making these tracks available to the public. this cd also contains three long-deleted compilation tracks that up until now could only be heard by a few people. so, 'raw' is the perfect witness that bielefeld exists - check it out!


1 disrevieled
2 sorrow
3 anti part
4 my distance
5 narcotica
6 3rd in the orbit
7 bushhead
8 so real
9 cannes
10 disorder
11 e.s.p.
12 stop yield
13 outside
14 once again you die
15 peter the repeater
16 walls and needles