movement across a barren surface. srb awake003

kunst als strafe
movement across a barren surface. cd

sleepless records berlin. srb awake003

kunst als strafe was originally formed in berlin in late 1998 by gerrit hhaasler, rocio rocha and goetz kleinhaus and put in hiatus after first initial test recordings until early 2008 when nikolai arnold joined in. johanna blackstone is the most recent member of kunst als strafe. drawing inspiration from lustmord, neurosis,throbbing gristle, coil or brian eno, kunst als strafe is a continuous movement in which they inspire, deconstruct, invent, and flow with their surroundings. they create in the moment. every sound influences the next. there is no beginning and there is no end. the project is an open door for people to come together and experience noise as it comes naturally from the universe, through them and to them. they become the audience, shaping as much as being whitness to what is taking shape on its own. kunst als strafe is an ever changing array of people. kunst als strafe is not a band but rather an ongoing exploration with many contributing to a creative process of quasi-subconscious output. kunst als strafe are pleased to have had steven stapleton (nurse with wound) contribute to a few tracks on this album.


1 movement across a barren surface
2 4550ma accreation of earth
3 4000ma end of late heavy bombardment
4 first life
5 0542ma vast multiplication of hard-bodied life
6 gaining energy from organic sources
7 a relic of endosymbiotic origin
8 strike-slip/normal/thrust
9 eroding
10 in the void the stones are drifting