beyond within. act257

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ant-zen. act257

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13 track ep including new tracks and yet unreleased works, plus additional remixes by missT, ah cama-sotz, ivardensphere, demanufacturer, norad, mangadrive, esa and xenocode. distorted technoid industrial dance tracks, heavy rhythmic noise, breakcore and dark ambient soundscapes enriched with tribalistic percussion and a disturbing piano result in a well-wrapped package of contemporary electronics to move mind and body.


1 the unsettled
2 dumachus junction feat. aliceffekt
3 in the other mind of us
4 to exhibit chaotic behavior (live cut)
5 etched into my very core
6 heard voices (acoustic piano version by missT)
7 raudivian device (ah cama-sotz remix)
8 the sum of us all (ivardensphere remix)
9 -28c and falling (frozen space remix by demanufacturer)
10 the path of totalitarianism (rehabilitated by norad)
11 raudivian device (mangadrive remix)
12 the sum of us all (collective negative equation remix by esa)
13 heard voices (xenocode remix)