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nebulo's third release concerns transforming the pros and cons of our urban society into aural moods in a very subtle way. field recordings taken in bordeaux, paris and berlin, original and artificial voices, the integration of samples from stock exchange reports, shopping centres and alienated fireworks' recordings turned into imaginary bomb impacts were chosen by thomas pujols as a basis for an acoustic visualization of western civilization - both disturbing and beautiful. nebulo proves his excellence and unparalleled skill to carry deep moods within abstract sound structures - a beauty embedded within roughness. intoxicating ambient soundscapes, intelligent polyrhythmic structures and microscopic snippets result in an artists impression of an imaginary city, complemented with environmental samples, radio signals, stunning sub basses and crunching drones, performed on a wide dynamic range. the noun 'artefact' has diverse meanings - concerning this release it stands for things made or used by mankind, as urban environments are. an artefact can also be an undesired alteration in data, introduced by a technique and/or technology. while listening carefully to this outstanding blend of idm and electronica, secreted cracks and disruptions will be visible - artefacts within an artefact.


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