turbulences. ta041

turbulences. cd

tympanik audio. ta041

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with his excellent debut release ‘audio vandalism‘ in 2008 on hymen records, the french industrialist zeller now turns to tympanik audio to offer our listeners his most abrasive and uncompromising work to date. at once a whirlwind of tight industrial rhythms precisely punctuated by shuddering basslines, crafty breakbeats, and chaotic soundscapes, zeller’s ‘turbulences‘ accentuates unrelenting brutality and captivating aural serendipity. an eclectic mixture of hard industrial beatworks, menacing synthlines, glitchy intricacies, and a solid showcase of dirty and complex sound arrangements, ‘turbulences‘ is full of never ending revelations that expose themselves around every corner. apocalyptic and ominous, zeller’s maniacal new conceptions embrace a rare and forward-thinking approach to the rhythmic noise genre with an uncanny proficiency in control, density, and undeniable intensity. a shivering and addictive plunge into the dying art of modern rhythmic industrial. packaging: 6-panel digipak


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