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ant-zen. dig019

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with this ep, ahnst anders displays his ability to create maximal results using minimal equipment. reduced to just one instrument, three sounds and a small amount of effects he has implemented a conceptual work concentrating on delay-aided rhythms and synth pads. for the technical geeks out there: only a korg polysix and ableton live have been used. recently ahnst anders organizes workshops for ableton live, so the main usage of this program for the release is obvious. on the six tracks minimal and ambient meet playful grooves inducing a calm, relaxed atmosphere. mellow synth patterns, pulsing sub basses and interlaced minimal beats which all merge into recreative sound images that lead consistently all through this concept release. the challenge was to create a leitmotif, a recurring theme for this ep - and despite the fact that each track has an identical basis and style, they should all sound different and non-reversible. ahnst anders beared the challenge, and succeeded excellently.


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