beyond within and so on. dig018

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ant-zen. dig018

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free digital-only release including new and unreleased iszoloscope tracks, plus additional remixes by manufactura, caustic, lucidstatic and endless noize, also featuring a remix iszoloscope made for cenotype. this ep displays the varied spectra of sounds iszoloscope is addicted to, from icy crystal clear technoid industrial to merciless rhythmic distortion, from breakbeats to breakcore, from dark ambient to complex electronica - and you can even listen to iszoloscope unplugged at work. a great opportunity to visit the canadian artist's deranged aural cosmos without monetary risk, check it out!


1 something wicked this way comes
2 the apocryphal market (merchants of babel remix by manufactura)
3 unearth me (iszoloscope remix. original version by cenotype)
4 -28c and falling (pummeled sweating testies mix by caustic)
5 a spectral threat (live)
6 the apocryphal market (lucidstatic remix)
7 heard voices (endless noize remix)
8 unplugged
9 then backward into oblivion