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machines like the 'böhmat' are used as to compliment element (electronic harmony) for the musical surface. besides the tunes that sounded rather like a harmony, which were lined up in accords or in an arpeggiator rhythm, klangstabil offered, for the first time, the opportunity of demonstrating how easily the electronic drum could be used (which sounded so real!). these new possibilities were immedialtely understood and contributed ideally to a new kind of music, a music which continues to find more and more appreciation - electronic music. the old analogue drum machines, the ancestors of today's more advanced digital drum machines, opened up a new path for musicians who were, for whatever reason, unable to play the drums themselves. those machines offer completely new possibilities, along with a completely new sound. klangstabil is trying to express through the böhmat that in spite of its age, this particular machine still has a lot of creative potential. one just simply has to appreciate it for what it is. 'böhm gott der elektrik' was initially released on vinyl limited to 300 copies. the vinyl is long deleted, so now this important klangstabil release is available again in digital format.


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