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mono-amines, as they appear in neurochemistry, are crucial in bringing the brain to a state of adrenaline and euphoric rush. musically, mono-amine is joost gransjean's intense and adventurous music project and live-act which is based in the hague (nl). joost started performing live in 1997 and since 2004 has released 12 inch singles/eps and albums on various labels. as mono-amine he has created his own style of music; dark, distorted, layered, straight in your face and with a sick fresh groove. all inspired by his critical view of society.. joost's keeps things suspenseful though his disparate musical experience. experience that includes (but not limited to) acid techno, hardcore and industrial. this is coupled with his prolific club experience that brings out an even more varied sound. the end result is relentless rhythm and escalating walls of sound. complex and fast paced drum work lead into barrages of rhythmic noise - heavily textured synth waves and vicious samples intertwine into the layers of a constantly evolving, shifting percussive aural world. this is a skillfully made album that is very suitable for fans of raw technoid industrial or even drum 'n noise focussed sound. do not bend - do not miss!


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