looking-glass world. act251

mika goedrijk
looking-glass world. cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act251

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one year after pellicules, mika goedrijk presents the next aural view of his inner self with looking-glass world. musically, the self conceptional shift into the world of ambient idm sounds is evident. well placed patterns enriched with mellow guitar slides (dead air), melancholic piano lines (at the 11th hour), a distinctive (nearly) aphex-twin synth (white sand semantics), archaic trumpet calls (lost decade), pounding breakbeats with pulsing sub bass (rusty swiss army knife, le grand mal), make this release a fascinating blend of contemporary electronic tones. looking-glass world is an album of otherworldly ambience entwined with a blend of acoustic sounds and sheets of sequenced patterns. a highly aesthetic sonic universe, where moods and mastery melt into warm, repetitive arrangements. have a look into the looking-glass world.


1 vanilla flavoured thorazine
2 broken toys on a hill
3 dead air
4 at the 11th hour
5 white sand semantics
6 quiet plan
7 thistledown
8 lost decade
9 dangling from rooftops
10 draussen im grĂ¼nen
11 rusty swiss army knife
12 le grand mal