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ant-zen. act130

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'modern times' continues telepherique's conceptual work - creating music on and about basic topics. 'modern times' is about today's working situations, stress, machines overthrowing men and time. 'modern times' was recorded by direct interaction between telepherique and roger rotor. despite the convenient 'internet collaborations' that are possible they preferred to record the disc 'live'. today's merciless rhythm of work and daily life is audible.factory work and disco enjoyment is melting together. no pause,no silence - just hypnotising four-to-the-floor polyrhythmic heart-beats. if you live a '24/7 life' you will recognize the strictness of these never-ending dance-tracks.


1 karoshi
2 flie├čbandterror
3 24/7 gesellschaft
4 leben im zeitraffer
5 hypereffizienz
6 adhd
7 verkaufsmaschine
8 desk rage