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atrabilis sunrise's 'pillgrimage' is a story about psychedelics, religion and unconditional surrender; a possible soundtrack to an unnamed road movie involving more drugs than 'fear and loathing in las vegas', more bad trips as in 'easy rider' and more sportive activities than seen in 'the passion of christ'. this songbook counts eleven tracks of some of the best death industrial you will most likely encounter for some time. eleven 'psalms' written and orchestrated by the frenchman padre p.c. who created atrabilis sunrise after the demise of catharsis. under this pseudonym he released several cdr's and one white vinyl 7'' on formosan rec, the predecessor of raubbau. 'pillgrimage' is an untold tale of the noughties; made of sleepless nights in the country, weird meetings and brought to you by drugs and other kinds of banned cults. for better, for worse. 'pillgrimage' is the journey towards the unknown through the combined eyes of the children of god and the children of the corn.


1 untitled
2 clean holy beautiful
3 hungry for light
4 two skulls
5 self-trepan
6 colonia
7 suffer genesis children
8 death trip (healing myselves)
9 glorify god in the dance
10 a whole in the mirror
11 sins
12 untitled