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‘spectrum’ is a dossier of tracks, which are hard to find. all of the cd tracks of this double set (and most of the vinyls) are not available anymore. instead of a re-release of all lost items, this is the essence of the past. ‘spectrum’ covers all parts of mata – diversification and variation with satisfaction guaranteed. you won’t find a single ‘sable’ track in this package! the direction of cd1 is focussed on heavily distorted rhythms that are monotonous, minimal, and repetitive. however, you can always hear mata’s experience in the building up of an electrified analog beat in concert with the unique elements of a track or of a song. listen to ‘the council’ featuring sheila mata’s voice and you will understand mata’s craftiness. this cd ends with an unreleased remix by two ant-zen artists which lead the listener to the non-rhythmic soundscapes of cd2. these soundscapes illustrate mata’s melodic direction with the use of disturbing mostly non-distorted rhythm-loops that are overlayed with harmonious passages. ‘trinity test’ is a good example of the genres ‘rhythm industrial’ and ‘ambient’ overlapping perfectly. once again you can hear sheila mata on ‘the cyborg’ - threatening indeed. the very end is strictly rhythm – just before you drift into bliss... or start again with cd1.


1 the council
2 rhizome
3 honey babe 2
4 cyborg colony
5 exit liquid
6 faster than sputnik
7 tri-fin theatre
8 level mp
9 another defvac soul
10 out of the afternoon talking about r. kern
11 protocol
12 550^print
13 scaffold (rmx by s.a.l)
1 trinity test
2 lost where u're lost
3 frau towcmlfe
4 everlasting rail
5 100 years of loneliness
6 h.a.t.e.d
7 convex
8 no bimbo's or i'll die
9 the cyborg
10 log boot
11 terminal