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in 2008, régis baillet and jérôme chassagnard decided to pause their project ab ovo and to continue with solo projects. while j.chassagnard's first solo album (f)light was released on hymen records, r.baillet formed diaphane and began to work on samdhya (which has now been released on ant-zen). samdhya (sanscritic for 'twilight') emanates an atmosphere of reassurance and slight melancholy. soothing soundscapes and complex rhythms form a mixture of ruminant and impulsive tunes which hypnotize and stimulate at the same time. the well balanced acoustic and electronic instrumentation, in places enriched with voice samples, result in an enthralling, cinematic feel. diaphane's aural cosmos has to be explored like an undiscovered continent; those who are curious and open minded will certainly be richly rewarded.


1 nebula
2 les hautes terres
3 platinium
4 signa
5 petals
6 the icefield
7 isthme
8 undefined
9 chandra's breath