mafiaparty, nice you were there!. hs004

the last gambit
mafiaparty, nice you were there!. mp3 album

halbsicht. hs004

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the last gambit originated in 2008 by mnemonic member michael belletz and graphic designer danny fischer, who works under the pseudonym qasot. what started out as a short term cooperation, with rising enthusiasm of the two musicians the last gambit became a growing project which directs its musical focus on gentle electronic tonal aesthetic. the song structure of the whole album reaches unrelenting for human emotional points and sends the audience on a musical journey into soft and melodic electronica tracks enriched with delicate arranged beats and ambient spaces to lend the two musicians debut a unique appeal.


1 35 - minutes - meditation with a shaolin monk
2 a tattoo from amsterdam
3 attention! the colour is bleeding
4 i've killed a radio star
5 mafiaparty-nice you were there!
6 my little bird died on a rainy
7 sunny days got you down?
8 the corpulent cowboy
9 we are no very important persons
10 whisky is a good god
11 the last gambit