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lament element presents a dynamic collision of power electronic styles. crushing distorted beats, lush melodic soundscapes, and massive sub-basses collide with idm edits and dubstep grooves. a perfect bridge between the distorted aggressiveness of drum'n'bass and idm's complexity. imagine scorns minimalist grooves on speed overdosed with dubstep injections. riding eclectic curves between styles, jeff dodson calls into battle an assortment of punishingly heavy tunes, boosting the tension and emotion to unimaginable dimensions. "the title itself literally means 'the reason to sing for the dead'. although not a literal application to anything, i intended it as a question: 'what's the reason people write passionate music?' that and a name should just sounds great." (defrag). indeed it does, try it!


1 till it disappeared
2 long horrible shadows
3 the stones
4 madness rides the star wind
5 the old growth
6 infinitely old
7 infinitely horrible
8 tommy
9 element l1
10 color my dreams
11 pale shotguns
12 worrit betrake
13 carrion signal