le cabaret moi. act231

genevieve pasquier
le cabaret moi. cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act231

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three years after soap bubble factory and virgin pulses, ant-zen is proud to present geneviéve pasquier's new album. from the very first note the listener will be mesmerized by the elegant electronic pulses that are dominated by the persuasive/icy quality of her vulnerable and adorable voice. le cabaret moi is geneviéve pasquier's very own cabaret. a cabaret which transforms her desires into fourteen songs of diverse styles (without regard to any arbitrariness). the music's scope ranges from subtle, slow-moving ambience (changing, nobody's darling), electro noise tunes (bouge!, fusion), beautiful atmospheric lounge cabaret (mon cabaret), insistent electroid beats (rubberpop) and finally into a furious rapid interpretation of the normal's warm leatherette. at once beautiful and distant, geneviéve pasquier's delivery speaks to everyone's feelings of loneliness, anger and pleasure that crop up at some point in life. a revue of class and noblesse - enter and enjoy your stay!


1 changing
2 bouge!
3 mon cabaret
4 10000 miles
5 fusion
6 emotion I
7 rubberpop
8 trance
9 nobody's darling
10 emotion II
11 all the other girls
12 warm leatherette
13 perception
14 some days ago